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Everytime we post something online, its greatly intended to solve a problem you face or help guide you on how to aquire certain skills. We create content for your needs.


Learning a new code base as forever been scary move  to many. Here are some of the best work around to this scary venture, These steps will help you  learn a new code base more optimally taking all the best pratices in the code base.

Step one : Find a mentor.


Get an over about the code base


Do a small quest


Get a dont get stuck rule


Use code reviews


 Powered by fun fun function by mpjme on youtube

read more Posted by katende Hakim 03rd Nov 2017

jQuery 3.2.1 is now available! This release comes with some hotfixes for regressions that were introduced in the 3.2.0 build four days ago. We wanted to release this patch as quickly as possible to squash any bugs you may have experienced when upgrading. The most significant one had to do with retrieving width or height on an inline element with no explicitly-set dimensions. This should now work as expected. A full list of changes is available below. Also see the 3.2.0 blog post for the bug fixes and improvements that still apply if upgrading from jQuery 3.1.1.

There should be no compatibility issues if upgrading from jQuery 3.0+. If you haven’t yet upgraded to jQuery 3+, please have a look at the 3.0 Upgrade Guide. The jQuery Migrate 3.0 plugin will help you to identify compatibility issues in your code.

read more Posted by kwizera Innocent 04th Oct 2017