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Progressive Web Apps is actually a collection of technologies, Web APIs and a host of design concepts that work in conjunction with one another to provide an amazing experience to the user.

It brings forth the features in native apps through Web based technologies within a secure container that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. In fact, Progressive Web Apps bridges the gap between websites and native mobile apps, and offers a host of benefits like:

1. Offline access

Regular websites stop working when the internet connection is cut off, but PWA uses caching to continue working offline. You will not be faced with the typical 404 error page. The offline functionality of PWAs generates engagement and availability; especially for ecommerce websites.

In the absence of internet connection, a user can even access a page that he hasn’t previously visited in his device. Instead of the error screen, a custom offline page with the company’s brand name, logo, and certain other information will be displayed. The overall benefit is that the user will continue accessing the site irrespective of the internet connection. 

2. Faster loading time

Progressive web apps loads instantly for both regular and first-time customers. If done correctly, users can enjoy a loading time that’s 3 times faster than what they are experiencing now.

3. App like feel

Though PWA is a regular website, it generates an app-like feel because the app shell model separates the functionality part from the content part. In other words, PWA is engaging because it behaves like an app on the user’s device and provides an impressive user experience. This could be because it is fast, and highly responsive, with absolutely no loading time.

4. No app store submissions

Progressive web apps can be downloaded and used as it is, without the requirement of any app store submissions. This reduces TTM (Time to Market) considerably because getting the permissions from each app store is a painstaking process as the developers have to follow the rules and guidelines of each of the store before they are published.



Posted by kwizera Innocent 15th 03 2018