Business address: Nakulabye, Kampala Primer Towers Room D05 3rd floor
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About Us

About xaecia

Xaecia Corporation has been established as a technology based firm aimed at improving it all in Uganda. Our traditional model is based on the accomplishment of the technology problems in Uganda. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our technology. We have now established this corporation in Kampala Uganda.


Who we are

"We're a dedicated team making a difference for people and their organizations. Developing great works is the key to our organization's success. we greatly interact with our customers and listen to what they have to say, and we create strategic solutions to fit their unique needs."

company strategy

Technology growth in Uganda. To increase the asset and investments of the company to support development of services. To build good reputation in the field of technology and to become a key player in the technology industry. To be a leader in technology by providing enhanced services, relationship among our customers and workers.



Mission & vision

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers

To build term relationship with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovations and advanced technology.

Our work process

Any good developer will tell you it takes atmost skill to come up with a perfect piece of work, at xaecia we follow a standard procedure to deliver the wonderful works that we give you.

  • Concept & planning

    We do not take anything for granted, planning is a key step and building concepts for any given project.

  • wire frames & designing

    We pay great attention to detail and design, its with this that there is a noticeable difference between our works and any other.

  • Launch

    After all the various input by our team, we give you a rather satisfying product that guarantees your satisfaction.